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Shahid Afridi is right. We should understand.

After staying 19 for over two decades, his retirement questions were asked. He took a couple of retirements only to realize that he was still 19 and came out of it. Then he took a permanent retirement and temporarily came out of it to play PSL. So, Afridi is a curious character who does not know his age but still, he wants to ask UN to check in Kashmir to Human Rights Violations. This, at a time, when the US and the entire western world has started taking strict actions against Pakistan for supporting terrorism. Maybe Afridi wants to start his political career. He might need to check up on the policies in Pakistan whether they allow people who are under 25 to contest or not.

We understand that Shahid needs treatment. But facilities in Pakistan are not appropriate. We understand Shahid. Yes, India is the issue here, not your mind. 

#TarasKhao #Satire

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