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SandpaperGate: Same as Spot Fixing?

I will bowl a no-ball and I will give this indication before I do that. This is all the story behind spot-fixing. The recent sandpaper gate incident featuring Cameron Bancroft, with the knowledge of leadership group, has all the makings of a similar saga. How can such a professionally managed thing be the first incident of such a thing? 

Darren Lehmann called Peter Handscomb after which Cameron Bancroft tried to hide it causing the episode to reach an all-time low level. Though the leadership group has taken the responsibility for it and rest are all seemingly safe, it does not seem to be the scenario. ACB, to save Australian cricket, Which happens to be their national sport should treat this incident equivalent to that of spot-fixing. No more international cricket for any of the guys from the leadership group. 

Rajasthan Royals on its part has done right in revoking him from captaincy. The fact is these guys should not be playing IPL, this season at least. Sunrisers Hyderabad is yet to make any declaration. Of course, its a big blow to RR and Sunrisers Cricket, But if these guys are allowed to take the field, for IPL. It might end up being a blow for IPL, in general. 

#OnlyFairPlay #IPL8

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